A downloadable game for macOS

A game where you pick up and listen to vegetables


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I like the art style. I couldn't figure out how to do anything but talk to an apple and the mouth thing. I came back to this site to find the instructions. I think there should have been a way for me to see the controls in the menu.

Now that I know the controls, I found out that I wasn't supposed to pick up that apple this whole time and I picked up all the other vegetables and listened to them. The ending came up in a second and I felt there wasn't any true ending which bummed me out.

I felt the  camera was too close to the player and was hard to maneuver.

I liked this game because of the art style and also because of the stories that the veggies were talking about but I still don't know what this game is about.

Thank you WallaceLovecraft for the feedback, 

I'm glad you liked the art style, I come from mainly an illustration and comics background so it means a lot to hear you liked the games visuals. I am working on improving myself as a game designer and it's been really helpful to hear the responses from people who have played the game, so your advice on the camera and ending is very much appreciated. 

Thank you for taking the time to play the game and write a response, and keep up with the comics, they're looking really nice. 


No problem!  I see. Thank you. I'm only going to do comics when I feel like it now. I'm making games too! Have a good day Fion.